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Middletown dentist offers single tooth anesthesia

Middletown Dental utilizes several dental technologies that improve office visits for patients. Single tooth anesthesia (STA) is an innovation that makes dental injections virtually painless. It has been named to Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products list and is a Medical Design Excellence Award Winner. Dr. David Hostnik of Middletown Dental wants patients to learn more about STA and how it can improve your dental experience.

Dental injections to numb the nerves around a tooth are a significant source of dental anxiety or phobia among patients. Dr. Hostnik aims to reduce anxiety through the STA.The STA is a small instrument that closely resembles a pen.

The anesthetic delivery system is computer-controlled.The STA uses computer sensors to detect pressure.This allows Dr. Hostnik to adjust to just the right pressure to apply to insert a needle into gum for numbing.

In addition to the adjustability of the pressure, Dr. Hostnik can also change the flow rate of the anesthetic medication into the gum.This allows him to determine the appropriate amount of anesthetic that will fully numb your tooth without unnecessarily numbing surrounding teeth, which can increase recovery time.This means you can return to work or school without the dreaded lip numbness, plus your tooth will be repaired and healthy.

When it comes to numbing your tooth and successfully treating a decaying, injured or otherwise damaged tooth, Dr. Hostnik aims to deliver the most precise injection possible.Thanks to STA dental technology at his Middletown dentist office, he can accomplish just this.

For more information on single tooth anesthesia at Dr. Hostnik’s office, call 732-495-4444.To learn more about the numerous technological advancements Dr. Hostnik offers, visit his Middletown Dental practice website at www.middledent.com.

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