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Green Party is possible spoiler in Matawan

BY KAREN E. BOWES Staff Writer

Vincent Vinci Vincent Vinci ABERDEEN - A dozen choices were not enough to tempt voters away from the status quo in last week's municipal election.

Democrats swept the polls as residents re-elected Councilman Vincent Vinci with 1,617 votes; newcomer Janice Gallo with 1,558; Councilwoman Wilhelmina Gumbs with 1,527; and Councilman Owen Drapkin with 1,503.

Vinci has served on the council for 12 years and was the lead votegetter in this year's race.

"I'm very elated that all four of us won and swept the whole election," Vinci said on Monday. "One of the reasons we were successful is we kept the tax rate at a stable rate. We do a good job there."

The Republican Party also made a good showing with GOP candidate Anthony Garaguso earning 1,379, former Councilman John Gartley taking in 1,348, Thomas Aljian Jr. garnering 1,296 and Leon Matchin taking 1,262.

The Green Party may have acted as a spoiler in the race with candidates Paul Rinear taking 352 votes, Mark Teichman earning 318, Philip Petrignani garnering 314 and Alice Osipowitz getting 331. There were also three write-in votes for a total of 12,808 ballots.

Wilhelmina Gumbs Wilhelmina Gumbs Vinci said he is looking forward to seeing the construction of a future senior development on Church Street, the site of the old South River Metals factory. The development would be deemed age-restricted for those 55 and older, Vinci said. He added that the town is presently working with the Department of Environmental Protection in ridding the site of contaminants.

"It's going to be a beautiful complex," Vinci said.

The senior council member also credits the township's road program, noting the town has spent between $2.5 million to $3 million on road improvements every year for the past 12 years. In comparison to neighboring towns, "nobody does close to that in maintaining their streets and roads," according to Vinci.

Gallo is the only Democrat elected who is not an incumbent. She replaced Councilman Nicholas Minutolo on the ballot.

Gallo said she wished not

to comment on her priorities

for her first term without first checking with her fellow council members. She expressed gratitude to her supporters "for putting trust in me."

Owen Drapkin Owen Drapkin "I'd like have an open line of communication from residents to the

council," Gallo said, "that's my main priority."

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