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County motor pool head faces child porn charges

BY KAREN E. BOWES Staff Writer

Staff Writer

FREEHOLD - A top Monmouth County employee has been arrested for distributing child pornography via the Internet.

Kevin M. Femiano, 40, of Little Egg Harbor, was arrested on Aug. 15 while exiting a gym near his home, according to Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Gasser.

Femiano, who is married with two young children, a son, 9, and a daughter, 6, is charged with distributing three pornographic images over the Internet, including one of his daughter, Gasser said on Monday. One image was of a "15- or 16-year-old girl, naked," Gasser said. A second image was of "a 2-year-old female with exposed genitals performing oral sex on a male" and a third was of his daughter.

Following his arrest, Femiano was suspended without pay from his $75,000 a year job as director of the Monmouth County Central Motor Pool.

Hired in December, Femiano replaced Raymond O'Grady, who was also suspended from the job, and later fired, after being found guilty of accepting bribes and other corrupt acts concerning the official office.

Femiano's alleged crime was discovered by a Secret Service operation in Miami, Gasser said. The Florida outfit specializes in interstate child porn trafficking via the Web, Gasser explained.

According to the Monmouth County Freeholders Office, Femiano attended Lincoln Tech, Union, an automotive school, and was known to have a lot of experience in managing a fleet of motor vehicles, the job's main function.

Gasser said that Ocean County is currently in the process of training a task force specifically to combat Internet child pornography and other underage sexual abuse stemming from the Web. In September, the task force will conduct a forum to share information with the public on how to protect children from Internet sexual predators.

Although the Secret Service may have been responsible for discovering this alleged crime, Gasser said the Ocean County task force expects to arrest some 40 people on similar charges by next month.

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